Saturday, October 12, 2013

Soul Music

A few months back I did a carving of the Worship Leader at the church I attend, it was called "Worship Only". Well a wife of one of the band members really like it, so she asked me to do one of her husband too. I was happy to do so, partly because he is a perfect person to caricature, he dresses a certain way, is quite expressive when he plays, and he's just a neat guy.

Coming up with a theme for the piece was easy, when he plays he puts his whole body into it, so I have him leaning back, with big cheeks, playing for all he's worth. The saxophone he is playing is one of his favorites, a Cannonball Tenor in pewter finish, really a nice looking sax, not your basic brass one like you normally see. As for the name, Psalm 108:1 says "I will sing and make music with all my soul", so I call this piece "Soul Music".

They both loved how it turned out, hope you do too. As usual, there are more pictures in the "My Carving Photo Album" tab. Thanks for looking.



  1. I love the position you have him in, and the sax turned out great!

  2. Another great one! That sax is a really cool looking one. Neat that you chose it for this.

  3. Hi. I'm here from Mari's blog! I had to check out more of your work as I was so blown away by your most recent work she showed us.

    I'm just amazed by your beautiful artistry and detail! You truly are blessed with a gift. Keep up the great work good Sir!

    God bless ;)
    PS: I think your wife rocks too and have loved getting to know her and your beautiful family through her blog. xo