Friday, August 12, 2011

New and improved!

I recently finished a carving, (you can see it below), that my sister gave to a lady she works for. The gal, a lawyer at a big firm in downtown Grand Rapids, loved the carving and was showing it to everyone in the office. This is generating a bit of interest in my work and people are asking for more pictures of my past pieces. So in order to do that I am starting this new blog dedicated to just my carving "hobby", it is replacing my old blog of the same name. There will be postings of my latest pieces and a link to my photo gallery where you can see other work. I hope you will enjoy it, just be patient while I get it up and running.

The carving below is called "Court's Adjourned". The lady who it was for is retiring from a law firm and has a love for all the many flower pots she collects. Her briefcase is under a pot behind her, her shoes are in another, and she is just happy to be home.


  1. So far, so good! Glad you are doing this. :)

  2. ok, why are the pictures not loading?

  3. Hey it looks like I'm the very first follower!!! Is there a prize for that??????